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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Final Day of Week 1 - Primal Stride Challenge Update

This morning, I was up at 5am, ate some breakfast and walked 4 miles with my walk-at-home video. I wish I had a better view, but with it -20 outside. . . After working out, I pulled on the winter wear and popped outside to help Dear Hubby shovel the snow. We got a couple of inches overnight, so it was quite a workout to get the sidewalks cleared. Final blood glucose after all that was 195.

I'm so excited about this next week! I'd like to continue trying to get up early but will switch to my bootcamp workout. It does a better job of getting my BG down. The crunches are SO needed and I love me some veggies. I'm not just planning on a different veg each day, but perhaps a few I've not tried before. This will be fun! I'm also starting my insulin therapy, FINALLY! So, that will certainly help as well.

I'm so happy we've all done so well! This first week was a tough one, with sleep being such a difficult change in most people's lives and routine. Keep up the good work everyone! Check in tomorrow!

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