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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bionic Barb Released to the World Today!

I can not put today into words.

I have been on the edge of happy tears all day long and the fact that I can even think straight to know they were happy tears, just proves what a great day it's been.

The 'betes started messing with me in February of last year.  Seriously, I've felt so horrible for an entire YEAR. My prescription for my glasses needed to be changed, then I started eating and eating, insatiable eating, and then losing weight, a lot of weight.  I started having cramps in my legs just before waking in the morning that were excruciating.  I was getting up in the night, 3-4 times for the bathroom and drinking water on the way back to bed just to keep my tongue from sticking to the roof of my mouth.  As soon as I'd eat something, I'd fall asleep for an hour.  During the day, at work, I'd get drive-thru food for lunch, eat it as I drove back to the parking lot then sleep it off and go back to work so lethargic. I had fallen at work and scraped up my shin, and it wasn't healing.  I was jell-o brained, tired and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

That was then. .

This weekend I started on insulin and I can not tell you how much better I feel.  I only feel sad that my Dr. didn't get me started on this earlier. . I would've really enjoyed feeling this well for my birthday, the holidays and all the other days.  Today, I started my bolus doses with meals and besides the 192 BG I had after breakfast, I've been in the low 100's all day.

My boss and I have been joking that the New Improved Barb came to work today.  I'm the new release. .  Bionic Barb and she's faster, smarter and alot more fun than previous version.  The previous version seemed to have a problem maintaining charge and the batteries needed to be replaced far too often.  She would also lose files, frequently reboot without notice and just when she'd start running, exhibit symptoms of a virus. (Happily no WORMS were ever detected. . blech!) LOL

So, what do I do with this new life I've been given?  I, hopefully, am able to encourage someone else who may be feeling as horrible and hopeless as I was.  I hope I'm now able to enjoy time with my friends and family as I've missed out on so much this past year.  Even though I was in attendance, I was checked out for most of it.  I hope I can encourage another person, in the same situation, to push for answers when they seem to just be getting worse and no one is listening.  I hope I encourage them to use the resources that are available online, in books, at their magical library, and especially through the diabetic online community to find the answers they need to feel healthy, vibrant and alive again.

Welcome Bionic Barb. . I hope you stay around for a good, long while.


  1. Barb 2.0 is now released for general availabilty. Certain restrictions may apply

  2. Barb-

    Welcome back! I am glad you coached your Doctor into getting you what you need to manage diabetes. One rule of thumb, make sure you carry glucose tabs with you incase your bg's drop.