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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Insulin, Primal Stride Challenge 2.2 and Diabetes 365 Photo.

Wow, I'm just covering everything in one entry tonight. . .

I started on insulin last night.  What an amusing moment for me. To stand there, with a needle in my hand, pointed at my belly, thinking, "ok, I just. . ok, I'm ready. . just push it. . ok, wait, *sigh* (holding breath) ok, now, just . . yeah, I'm ready. . just push it in.  Wait. . ok, here I go. . .ha ha  Even more funny, is that you don't even feel it, once you actually do it.  I expected something. . stinging, pressure. . nope, nothing.

The first injection was romantically delivered in the bathroom @ Oklahoma Joe's restaurant.  I'm actually not using bolus doses until Monday, but the CDE wanted me to have french fries last nite, so she instructed me to administer a corrective dose and then have 10 fries.  I'm a VERY compliant patient, a rule-follower. . so I obliged her.  Unfortunately, the 10 fries and the 1/4 of a hamburger bun still threw me into the 300's but after my basal dose at night (of long acting/24 hr. insulin) I woke up to a beautiful number of 166.  WOOT!

So, I've been low enough to work out most of the day and I'm so happy to be able to keep up with the Primal Stride Challenge.  I'm getting ready to work out right now and complete the 250 crunches per day.  My green vegetable for the day was actually a "double-crunch" as I had asparagus AND broccoli with dinner.  The better part of that meal was the SALMON. I do love me some salmon.

Today's Diabetes 365 photo is:

I teach scrapbooking and papercrafting for Joann's Craft store in Overland Park.  This art form is very therapeutic for me.  Not only in its ability to get my mind off my broken pancreas, but it also helps me to share my story, express my fears, explain my feelings in a creative outlet.  This is a mini-album that I made as an example for a class I'm teaching next week. Maybe YOU'LL end up in one of my albums, eh?

I'll catch up with you all tomorrow.  Have good dreams. . dream about me eating ice cream. . hee hee


  1. What a great place for a first injection! A good friend had her dorm RA give her first injection -- we teased that she was lucky to have friends she could count on to poke her with sharp objects. :)

  2. Its not fun. I've been poking myself for over a decade. It is not fun at businesses. Especially when people stare at you.

    I have found that staying away from carbs helps quite a bit.