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Monday, January 4, 2010

Primal Stride Challenge Update 1.4

Wow, am I having computer issues tonight! I haven't been able to upload pics and I wrote a big ol' blog post and it didn't save.  I got some weird internal error from blogspot. I've got a bunch of stuff to accomplish tonight, so. . a quick update:

I made it up at 5am this morning and did 4 miles with my Leslie Sansone walk at home audio.  I altered the workout though. . whenever I was supposed to be walking, I jogged in place.  It really got my heartrate up and then I also added some of the moves from my kickboxing video.  Instead of the little kicks she tells people to do, I did some kicks and punch combinations from kickboxing.  So, overal. . a pretty good workout.

I was excited my blood glucose was 111 fasting.  But, disappointed that, again, it went up from working out.  I finished at 156. . that sucks.  I also noticed that today, instead of hovering in the 200's, I got down to 151 after lunch.  That was a nice little surprise.

It's getting easier to get up early.  I'm actually quite surprised and think I'll try to keep this new schedule.  I get to work so much less frazzled, more alert and, I'm sure, in a much better mood as I've already been up several hours, rather than just trying to get my day started.

Talk to you all tomorrow.  Have a restful sleep and we'll catch you bright and early at 5am!


  1. Hey Barb
    I had the very same problem last week on one of those days, I was 178 before my work out and 215 after and I was perplexed so I posted the question on tudiabetes and learned that because your body creates adrenaline when you work out, it increases your sugar levels.
    I always assumed that hey you work out and your levels drop, actually that what happens but for me, it actually happens about 45 min to an hour after work out.
    I realized that on this particular day I tested about 15 min after my workout and the levels were still high so maybe you are testing too soon after workout.
    thanks Ronn
    Here is the tudiabetes thread

  2. Thanks for the follow-up. I appreciate the link as well. Until a few weeks ago, my BG always went WAY down right after exercise. If I started in the mid 200's, I'd work out for 45 mins and it would come down to low 100's. But, that's been changing and with my BG starting out so high, I can't afford for it to go up during exercise. So, I usually drink alot of water and wait. One of your commentors mentioned being dehydrated and I really struggle with that as well.