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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Primal Stride Challenge Update 2.5

Double Crunch Challenge
Physical Challenge: 250 crunches per day
Health Challenge: eat a different green veggie each day

The first few days of this challenge were really tough.  My stomach was SO sore and it was hard to get through the new crunches with the previous night's crunches reminding me that they weren't yet a memory. But after 5 days, I'm really surprised that I now get to the 200's and I feel like I can actually keep going.  I think on the last day, I want to keep pushing to see how many I can actually knock out in one day.  I'll let you know. . . 

I love veggies, so the health challenge of this has been fairly easy for me. (Much easier than the 5am wake-up call from last week!) I've had spinach, several kinds of leafs (lettuce), zucchini, fennel, peppers, cabbage, green beans and I've still got avocados, olives and more to try. Are capers a vegetable? I have some of those and haven't eaten any yet.

I'm so excited for everyone participating in the challenge.  Some have faced physical injury, health issues and just plain ol' life and they keep pushing, modifying when needed, but still pushing through to the better, new Primal Stride Challenger they're becoming.

Oh, I got another challenge from my daughter today.  She challenged me to read the book Born to Run in the next month.  She said it was amazing, a great read and so inspiring.  She walks and rides her bike everywhere she goes so she's in fairly good shape.  But, this book made her want to take up running and she's making great progress.  So, I'm also taking on this challenge. Apparently, the only way I can accomplish things is for someone to challenge me! 


  1. I want your food!!!

    Also, Born To Run is an amazing book. A really great read and very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Seth!

    Unfortunately, the dinner is in my belly. . and about to be CrUnChEd! One of these days, we'll all have to get together for a potluck so we can share all these great recipes with each other. I still need to try your Shrek recipe, but I haven't been able to find Kale here. I think I may have to drive out to Whole Foods.

    I should really download the book while I'm thinking about it too.

  3. I'm not sure what's on the plate but it sure looks good:)