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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Primal Stride Challenge Updates 1.1 and 1.2

January 2, 2010
I DID wake up at 5am this morning, unfortunately, my BG is still too high to work out.  I was still at 267 at 5:30am, have been drinking ALOT of water to help wash the glucose out of my system. As I re-read the website, I think I'm ok not actually working out at 5am, I'll have to defer to "Lone Wolf" on this one.  The Primal Stride Exercise challenge is:
Exercise: 5 kilometers each and every day – You may walk, jog, run, sprint… whatever gets you to the goal.
The Primal Stride Health challenge is: 
Health: Get out of bed at 5am each morning – It’s your chance to start the year off as an early riser! Try it for a week!
So technically I did meet the health challenge today, I can still work at getting my BG down and doing my 5K when I do, but again, I'll check with the official website to see if that qualifies, otherwise I'll get recategorized as a modified participant.  I'll update this as I get the 5K under my belt for today.  I am excited to track the miles I cover this year.  I wish I had done it in 2009!  Good luck to all the other participants!  I feel like that old Army commercial. . some people do more before 6am than most do in an entire day!  Hooah!
Update:  I did get 40 minutes of cardio in tonight, which is how long it would take me to walk 3.1 mi on a treadmill. So, mission accomplished!

January 1, 2010
Unfortunately, I had to use my free pass on the very first day of the challenge.  I had the worst time going to sleep, was up up until 2am, took a hot bath and slept in the tub until 3am.  Once I got to bed, it was at least 4am before I fell asleep.  Being a person with diabetes, good sleep patterns are as important as eating the right foods and testing my blood glucose (BG).  So, with my sleep being off, so was my BG. I was too high all day to work out.  I did get below the dreaded 250 one time, at 9pm at my Mom's house, but I was still feeling pretty fuzzy and had stomach cramps from being high all day and decided it wasn't a good idea to try to exercise. So, I claim my free pass for January 1st and will try again January 2nd.  (BTW, I probably should've registered as a "modified" participant for this reason.  I'll make a note on the official challenge website.

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  1. I do believe that Seth has clarified that the wake up and exercise do not have to be at the same time. They are two distinct challenges.

    That being said, I do like getting the distance done first thing -- everything is so peaceful. Unfortunately, now that the holidays are over it's not feasible for me 8=( On the flip side, afternoons are definitely warmer 8=)