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Monday, November 9, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude - VACATION!

I haven't posted for a few days.  Really, it's not that I'm ungrateful, I've been out of town.  My DH and I traveled to Colorado Springs to support the USMA Black Knights as they played at least half a game against the USAFA Falcons.  We're Army fans through and through, cheering loud, wearing the garb, hanging banners, driving around town with a flag flapping in the breeze.  So, here's my gratefulness for the last few days. . .all rolled into one post.

I'm grateful to have had the chance to make this trip.  We were able to see some friends that recently moved from KS to CO, have dinner and catch up with all they're doing.  We were also able to take our favorite Air Force Cadet to dinner. He's graduating this next May, getting married and then he'll be off saving the world.  I know. . he's Air Force and we're Army. . but, really, if there's anyone giving my Army Lt. air support, I want it to be him!

I'm grateful for the MSP airport 'Start' walk path. I was a little worried about not getting exercise on my flight day. I was able to get 4.5 miles in while I waited for my flight.

I'm grateful for God's creative art projects.  We were able to wander through the Garden of the Gods and hike up 7 Falls (both were great workouts and brought my BG right down. BONUS!)  These two parks were the amazing, breath-taking kind of beautiful.

I'm grateful for a Cracker Barrel breakfast.  What's up with the hotel breakfast bar?  Carb-City! We had a choice of bagels, waffles, toast, english muffins, cereal or juice.  I let them know that there are 8 million diabetics in the US and I bet many of them travel and stay in hotels.  Wouldn't it be novel to provide them with something to eat for breakfast?  They said they would look into it.  So, if you ever stay at a Fairfield and find the buffet to be diabetic-friendly. . you're welcome!  LOL

I'm grateful for high altitude = NO oxygen = EVERYTHING becomes aerobic exercise!  My BG didn't get over 140 all weekend!  It was fantastic to feel so well.  I'm thinking I need to move there.

I'm grateful for rental cars that have extra places to plug in my phone.  I was using it as a camera all weekend and really wore the battery out.

On the way home, my DH traded seats with me on the plane and I got to ride in First Class.  I felt pretty special. I'm pretty grateful for him and his generosity.

We had a great time. . but, you know what?  I still have diabetes.  All the carb-counting, calculating, exercise, metering, clock watching, etc. . is still a part of all I do, every day.   It didn't stop me from experiencing all the fun of our trip. But, it was still there, begging for attention. . every time we were trying to decide on a restaurant or activity.  Diabetes doesn't take a vacation. . even though I do.


  1. Being grateful is good thing- so are vacations!!!

  2. Love the post...sounds like you had a great time! I often wonder if I added up all the extra seconds, minutes, hours D took up...what would it be? would I finally have time for all the extra fun projects, more play time with kiddos? etc... no vacay...

  3. Right! You also have to add in all the time you spend driving until you decide on a restaurant that MIGHT have something Dfriendly to eat. It would be interesting to track actual time spent thinking, processing, calculating, manipulating equipment. . all to deal with this and see what a chunk of the day is actually wasted. hmmmm. . .there may be a blog post in there. Thanks for the inspiration Jaimie!