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Sunday, November 22, 2009

When someone cares. . .

I had an interesting conversation with a 1st grader tonight.

We have a group of couples (and their children) from Sunday School that get together for dinner on Sunday evenings. We're all very close and I honestly, don't know how we would've gotten through this transition in our lives without the love, support and prayers of these wonderful friends.  It is exemplified in this story, as they've passed those caring skills on to their kids. Two of the daughters, "N" and "B," are my buddies.  They always give me a hug, tell me about something exciting in their day, and giggle endlessly.

Tonight, we went to Jose Peppers for dinner.  Prior to being diagnosed, I LOVED this restaurant.  I'd always have the Corona Shrimp Tacos with rice and black beans.  But, the crowd favorite there is the Espinaca, a spinach, cheese dip; SO yummy with their crispy, thin tortilla chips.  Since my DLife, I usually order a salad and bring my own chips that I've made by baking low-carb tortillas.  Again, tonight, I brought my chips in a little bag and started dipping into the salsa and espinaca and "B" asked why I have my own chips?  I told her that those chips make me feel bad, and I make my own.  She seemed satisfied with the answer.  Then it happened. .

"N" leaned over and told "B", "Barb has diabetes." They argued back and forth for a minute before "N" asked to confirm.  "Hey Barb, you have diabetes, huh?"  Yes, yes I do "N."  She then turned to "B" and said, "See, I told ya.  Barb has diabetes and she can't eat bread or chips or rice or potatoes."

I know many of you out there will tell me that I CAN eat these foods, but for me, they really spike me and require a GREAT deal of exercise to get my BG back down.  I'm only supposed to eat 30 carbs for a meal, so to have any of those things would really take me over the limit and I'd be a zombie within 20 mins.  That's really not the point of this story. . .

Really, the point of this story is that "N" is SIX YEARS OLD!  She remembered these details about my life because when she learned it, it affected her, it moved her, she realized it was something important to remember about someone you love.  I've got friends that are MUCH older than that, that can't remember I have diabetes, let alone a list of what I can't eat.  Honestly, when I heard her explain this to "B," I wanted to cry; because I felt so loved, I felt so HEARD, I felt so important to a little girl that I adore.

When someone cares, they hear when you speak.  They feel when you hurt.  They remember important details about you.  They want to come hang out with you. (She's dying to come hang out in my scrap booking studio.)  They're not afraid to show you affection.  They're so excited when you walk into the room.  I think I need to take a lesson from my buddy, "N."  It made me wonder if I show the same kind of care for my friends and family and if I don't I'm sorry.  I'm taking this lesson from "N" and hoping to love the way she does.

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  1. awww, so cute. kids teach us the best life lessons.