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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Whimsey What does that mean?

Peter Pan teaches Wendy and the boys to fly by having them focus on their "Happy Thought," sprinkling some pixie dust and then believing they COULD fly.   This blog is an attempt on my part to learn to fly. .

When my girls where young and someone would upset them, I'd always say, "Hey, don't let 'em steal your whimsey!"  Once you lose your whimsical self, you stop dreaming, creating, solving problems.  I'm hanging on to every whimsical, happy thought I can.

Because I have so many facets to my life, there will be different kinds of postings here.  I love to teach paper crafting, card making and scrapbook techniques, so you'll see some of that.  I'm also an Army mom, a fan of 82nd Airborne and the Black Knights of West Point.  Finally, this page will chronicle my trials and triumphs as I fight Type II Diabetes.  So, there may be low-carb recipes, exercise ideas or just some random rants about my high blood glucose results.  I started a page on called Attitude of Gratitude and that will be copied over here as well.  So, hopefully, I'll share something meaningful to someone.

Come fly with me. . come fly, come fly away. . .

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