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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving according to FB

I polled my Facebook friends last week, asking for their best Thanksgiving memories.  What struck me, is that most of them wrote about time given to their community or time spent with others.  I didn't have one person focus the Black Friday sales, traditional foods, football, napping or parades.

Paige wrote about times spent four-wheeling in the desert with family from California. Another year, they served meals with Victory Outreach and then stayed home together watching movies.  I know this family fairly well. . I can see them all curled up on the couch together, giggling and teasing. 

Cindy also wrote about serving meals at the Salvation Army kitchen with her hubby.  It delayed their trip home to be with the extended family, but she says it was SO worth it. 

While Annette talked about the smells and tastes of her grandmother's wonderful cooking, she also talked about sharing the meal with her family and building some great memories.

Veronica spoke of crawling up on her grandfather's lap to watch football.  I wonder if it was really the football game she remembers or the warmth of building that moment with her grandfather?  I'm thinking the security, love and inclusion by G'pa was the whole holiday for her.

And finally, but certainly not least, my friend Tahmina spoke of inviting 15 for dinner and having 40+ show up.  She is quite famous in the SLC area for her incredible cooking.  She includes foods from many cultures and countries.   But, it's not the cooking that we all remember (well, it is but). . it's being a part of a world-wide community in her home.  We were so fortunate to have people there from Congo, Sudan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Iran, Bosnia, and even some of locals.  We always had the best time sharing food, culture, music, dance, prayer, conversation and some pretty amazing stories.

I'm pretty convinced that it is NOT the turkey, dressing and cranberries that bring us together each year in November.  It is the draw of our heartstrings, pulling friends and family ever closer to help us meet the challenges we all face. . TOGETHER. 

Thanks to each of you responding to my request.  I wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season and know that you are in my hearts and prayers always!


  1. It is not the Turkey that's important- but the family and good friends that make the day special!

  2. Thanks K2 for stopping by! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, love and laughter this year.