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Saturday, November 28, 2009

'ecember - Because December will be a No-D month.

My friends and family have been so patient with me as I've been learning about my diabetes management.  It seems like I'm obsessed, well, I am a bit.  It's hard to NOT be obsessed when you feel so crappy at least once a day and your life is so altered.  I'm grateful they've all put up with my millions of tweets, dblog and Facebook messages about the "D" word.  But, I am SO much more than just a person with diabetes. (PWD) 
I thought the one month that starts with a D would be the perfect month to declare a No-D month.  During the month of December, unless asked specifically, I will not be talking about diabetes.  No complaining about what I can't eat, no need to explain to the restaurant servers why I'm ordering a certain way, no tales of daily highs. (I've only gone low 2 times since being diagnosed, so that's not usually a topic of conversation.) You will all be able to read about other pieces of my life for a change.  I've got plenty to say about my faith, my hobbies, my family, my friends, my job.  All these things are probably far more interesting than what I've been sharing.
I was amazed that when I first mentioned my diabetes on FB, how many friends wrote to tell me they too were diabetic.  That's odd, I've known them for YEARS and never knew.  Perhaps I just don't need to be sharing my every Dmoment with the world.  It'll be tough, I'm a pretty open gal, as you've probably noticed, but, I'm willing to stick with it to have some different conversations.
So, what are some things we have in common. . here are some of the things I'd like to share about myself:
  • First, always, I'm a Christian and love my God more than anyone or anything.
  • I've got a GREAT husband who takes very good care of me.  We've been married for 1.5 yrs (still newlyweds) and even though I never would imagine it possible, I love him more and more every day!
  • We have four beautiful, bright, witty, talented, daughters. I'm not biased at all.
  • My mom lives near by and we're really close.  She moved to KS when I did and I'm really happy to have her so close.
  • I LOVE paper crafting; scrapbooks, cards, gifts, etc.  You name it, I'll try to make it.  I teach basic scrapbooking as well as some more advanced classes at Joanns and would love to have you join us for a class.  I'll post some of my projects this month. . hopefully, you'll be inspired to get creative.
  • I am still in contact with my closest friends from elementary thru high school.  I'd like to introduce you to some of them and share how they've inspired me and been such an important part of my life.
  • I've also made some great new friends this past year in the DOC and offline.  They've inspired me in ways other than my D-management and I'll share that too.
Well, I said all that to say this; I have plenty to talk about this month of 'ecember.  So, stay tuned, I hope you all learn more about than my blood glucose level this month.

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