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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fight the good fight

Today is Veteran's Day and I'm so grateful for those who have gone before to pave our way with freedom.  In reading through my daily blog list, many are speaking of veteran's who have influenced them, loved ones currently serving and individual battles being fought.  

I have several dear friends fighting cancer.  I have my battle with diabetes.  I know of some battling depression.  Others, wage war with financial concerns.  Still others battle loneliness, loss of hope, fear.

I get tired just imagining all the energy it takes to do all this war-raging.  I know my own personal struggles, and knowing that everyone has their own personal struggle, I multiply that times each person I know and you've got an awful lot of energy being spent!  So, we team up and fight those battles we can together. . sharing resources, covering each others' back and allowing our fellow soldiers a rest. One small victory at a time, we begin to make sense of it all.  That victory is shared with the community and all spirits are lifted, hope restored and a new vitality enlivens the troops to the next victory and then the next.  That's what the different online communities, support groups and our family are all about.

Fight the good fight and never leave a comrade behind.  Link arms with SOMEONE and make some headway.  We were never meant to face life's circumstances alone.

Thanks to for the inspiration today.  Check out his website. . gotta appreciate a fellow bacon lover.


  1. The picture of the soldiers wearing the gas mask gave me a flashback to basic training! Tell your dtr thank you for everything she does;)

  2. Thanks Cherise, I will. We always laugh about her basic training. She was had absolutely NO reaction in the gas chamber when they took their masks off. We joke that it's all those years of spraying hair care products that made her immune. You, likewise, share my gratitude with your Hubby!