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Saturday, November 14, 2009

World Diabetes Day - Wow!

I've gotta tell you. . this weekend is one of those that you just know you'll never forget. . .

I was diagnosed July 24, 2009 with Type II Diabetes.  I really had no clue what that diagnosis would mean to me, how it would change my daily routines, how it would change my life.  I did nothing for two weeks while I waited for the meeting with my dietitian.  I had been on Weight Watchers before and thought that since that was a healthy diet, I'd go back to that until someone told me differently.  I was eating the right number of points, but most of them were carb-loaded and I still felt horrible.  I tried to stick with salads and meat after the first few days. . that helped.

I met with the dietitian a couple of times, and with my Dr. a few others.  They gave me great guidelines, meds and advice, but neither of them have diabetes and my Dr. even said he's not a specialist, so he was basically following whatever my dietitian said to do.  I was able to use their guidelines to get my BG down out of the Danger-Will-Robinson-Danger levels, but still found myself feeling like I was floundering around trying to figure this out.  That's when I went to the internet.

I found so much information that fed my head. . Mayo Clinic research the ADA websites.  Still, I was needing something that spoke to my heart and emotions to let me know I was going to be alright and that I was not out there alone.  I stumbled on some of the DOCs like,, Diabetic Rockstar, etc.  I also decided to do a search on Twitter to see what people were saying about diabetes and the lifestyle I was about to embark on.  I was amazed to see how many blogs were referenced, how many people seemed to know each other. . it really felt like a community of friends.

I started reading some of the blogs on a daily basis, dropped some, added some more, until I had a pretty refined list of bloggers who spoke to me, gave great information, great encouragement, made me laugh, basically talked me off the ledge.  They became my "Rockstars."   You know, those people that you really admire, respect and wish you could just sit down and have a conversation with them.  And then it happened. .

I try to comment on most of the blogs I follow.  After all, I love it when I know people have read mine and found some value to it.  One day, I blogged on Dorkabetic's blog and the next day, the author of a blog I'd referenced sent an email saying she would be in town for a WDD luncheon and she'd like to meet me.  I was so surprised that she would want to meet ME. . I mean, really, I'm just a newbie Type II trying to figure this stuff out. . and she's, you know,  A ROCK STAR!

Anyways. . .the point of this story isn't to embarrass her or sound like I'm some kind of weird, stalker. . .I basically wanted to say that WDD has come at a great time in my journey.  I was able to meet THREE of the bloggers I follow every day as well as some other pretty fantastic people this weekend.  I felt like I was part of something bigger than me. . and the part I played was as important as anyone else.  I even had another one of the Rockstars of the DOC add me to his blogroll. . I was honored.

So for this WDD, my DH (Dear Hubby) bought blue light bulbs for our porch, I tweeted about it and before I knew it, others were doing it too.  I made a diabetic awareness ribbon pin, wore it to dinner tonight and got to share my story with some friends who had previously acknowledged my diabetes, but really asked questions and engaged in conversation about it.  I participated in the Big Blue Test and had saw how just 14 mins of exercise changed MY BG.  No more griping about not having enough time to do something active!
AND, I met some of my RockStars and found that they are indeed some great people that I hope become dear friends.  Thanks Cherise, Andrea and Sarah for sharing your stories online and your hugs in person and opening your world to those who follow.  AND. . to our DOC out there. . thanks for sharing this WDD with me and allowing me to be part of something world-wide, life altering and dang it. . a whole lot of fun!

Happy World Diabetes Day!  Love, Babscampbell


  1. Learning about all the newer blogs out there, so glad to see more T2's out there blogging away!

  2. Hi Barbara,

    This is Scott (the guy in the pic), I didn't get a chance to chat with you, but I'm glad you were able to attend and I hope you will continue to blog and share your experiences!


  3. Thanks for your encouragement all!
    Rachel, I've added your blog to my blogroll. I can't believe I didn't have it there before as I read it every day.
    Scott, it was great to meet you too and I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to become better acquainted. Hopefully, in the future.
    JaimieH, Thanks so much. .a big ol' D-Hug back atcha girlfriend! :)

  4. Babs-

    I read your post the other nite and it made me tear up! I honored to have met you, Scott, Andrea, Mr. Bob and Sara! You all rock! The WDD luncheon not only brought awareness to crowd but also brought education and the need to gather the Greater KC, MO and KS area need to rally and support diabetes. I wish I had more time with you all but I'll be home in March for a few days, I'm thinking D-meet up:) love the pic's! Can't wait to see you again. Thank you for your support!

  5. I'm so glad the D-OC is here for you . . . and for me. I'm not a diabetes newbie, having been diagnosed with T1 in 1979. But I'm new in feeling like a part of a diabetes community. For so many years, I was the only diabetic I knew. That's really not fun!! I'm so glad we all have each other!

  6. Hey Cherise, I feel like I keep saying it, but it can't be said enough; Thank YOU for educating, inspiring and keeping us laughing about this dlife.

    Karen, I loved your blog today about your Thanksgiving memories and traditions. I would like to reference it next week when I talk about some of my Thanksgiving memories. I enjoy your blog! Thanks for stopping by.